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MH16: Light & Loose MH16: Light & Loose

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Chicago style

This song is very Chicago style Jazz song, the type you might hear at bar or club. The smooth sax and piano create a very relaxing feel to the music, and lineup of instruments compliment each other well. The brass instruments in the background covering the off beats really give this a Chicago style feel as previously mentioned. I was kinda disappointed with how much this piece repeats itself. Variation is one of the key elements of Jazz, yet most of the riffs seem to just repeat themselves.

Chicago jazz is typically improvised, done by musicians who make up there parts on the spot so that no two measures are ever the same. Here though the only variation seems to be in which instruments are playing rather than what they're plying. I feel that kinda wears away at the whole Jazz aspect, but maybe I'm being overcritical, maybe this song is intended as simple background music for something, certainly the smooth mellowness of the instruments is there, but alot of the parts are played staccato, and I feel the sax in particular could have benefited alot from something smoother. Either way it's a pretty good song, very mellow easy listening, but it could be better.

FairSquare responds:

Yeah, you're right.
At this stage of my music production i didn't really spend much effort on a song, so it's kinda repetitive.
Thanks for the review!

Deadly Sinners collaborific Deadly Sinners collaborific

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude you remastered it

It sounds sick, I remember putting this together, was good times. I like the editing you did, it sounds alot better now. Rock On!

TwilightNecrosis responds:

Yeah man, those were the days. Ahhh, nostalgia.
I still want to redo this song, because I KNOW I could sing it better now.
But alas, I have far too many other things to do, like work. =[
Thanks again for being a drummer, lawl. Glad to see you back in town.
Metal! \m/

LR - Dream LR - Dream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely Sublime

Looking at the current number of listens and downloads this song has really makes me disappointed in Newgrounds. I want to know just how you think the audio portal is going to improve if when some one goes out of their way to write a unique original and cleaver song, and ignorant fuck bags like you just ignore it. This anger is obviously misdirected, cause if your reading this review your probably listening to it right now. Regardless, this is one of the most well written songs that has ever come onto the audio portal.

The first thing this song has going for it, is that their are actually legitimate lyrics. Now that's one thing I think Newgrounds fails to respect in many ways, sure theirs nothing wrong with making a electronic song that's all synthesised as long as it's unique and interesting, and I'll accept the fact that for a flash game music without lyrics is desirable, but this seems to have caused Newgrounds to loose respect for lyrics, which is often the most difficult part of a song to write. But enough about Newgrounds lets talk about the song. Now love is by no means a new topic in music, but that doesn't stop a love song from being original. In this case we hear alot of unique metaphors built around the "Dream" theme, it's actually very cleaver the way it was written. I wouldn't be praising it so much though if the vocals weren't FUCKING PERFECT. All on key, perfectly recorded and mastered, and Raegan Quinn really expresses emotion in her voice, which could easily compete with most pop artists.

But if the lyrics are good than the instrumentals are phenomenal. The composure of the music is incredible, and harmonising with vocals the way this song does is something I think alot of mainstream artists could learn from. Using a wide variety of instrument will always adds adds alot to a song when they complement the melody they do here. And unlike most music on Newgrounds this isn't software produced. Imaging that, actually recording music with real instruments! OK, I said I wouldn't make a big deal of this, but I'd really just like to use this opportunity to say how good a guitarist and pianist George Powell is.

The the guitar solo and the breakdown at 3:40 are like the icing the cake. It's hard for me to criticise a song that does all these things so well. The point I'll make is that I think a little more volume on the guitar would help, but maybe that's just my hard side speaking because their is nothing wrong with this song, it's been perfected and fine tuned to a point of perfection. Absolutely sublime from start to finish, and if you two aren't signed yet than their are alot of labels I need to yell at for being ignorant dolts.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

I appreciate the lengthy and thorough review. There is something I should point out though...

...this song actually is 100% software-based (except for the vocals, obviously). Like many of my other works, both rock and orchestral, I listen to other artists' music and learn how instruments are and aren't played (in order to put together a believable and playable piece) and then when I put the piece together, I try to set the FX and EQs to make the MIDI-based instruments sound as real as I can. I am a pianist, primarily, and much of what I've learned in my years of piano music theory training is what helps me understand the musical mechanics and how to use them in composing, but I'm honestly not a guitarist. I just try to do a good job at mimicking what guitars do.

I will say, though, that I highly agree with you that Raegan is a phenomenal vocalist, and she's even doing vocal parts in the film I'm scoring.

Thanks for the review, although I'm not at all offended that less people download this song than listen to it; the only thing I care about is that people appreciate my work.

Thanks again.

Solus- For Schala Solus- For Schala

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Like water flowing down river in a calm majestic forest this song simple captures a moment, a beautiful theme of calmness and majesty, enlightening the spirit and easing the mind to a point of zen. Forming a beautiful calming landscape made of music.

Ok I'll drop the poetic jargon, but that was the best way I could describe what I was hearing. The arrangement is perfect and instruments used make this an entrancning song. What more can I say other than amazing.

SolusLunes responds:

Though it is poetic, it captures the mood of the song.

Glad you liked it! :D

+BsK+ No one's Slave +BsK+ No one's Slave

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sounds good

you got some seriouse skill on keys man, I got to say. A bit short mabey, but damn do I love the arangement and shear speed. Glad I could be of help. All I can really say is Rock On!

kaptainkewl responds:

Thanks again for the help, This would probably not be up here if it weren't for that jack. I hope to keep more coming and see you around!

[madboss] - Waltz of Blades [madboss] - Waltz of Blades

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A fitting name

This was very well writen, a true classical peice. The arangement certainly gives the feeling of tension, forshadowing, and battle, making waltz of blades a very fitting. The arangement is incredible and with a great diversity of instraments.

Binary Rain Binary Rain

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it

I was gonna say this isn't really music, but than agein Ambiant by definition is atmophspheric, so this definately fits. It's pretty smooth to didn't like the bass that came in around 1:31, other instraments were good. Seems like it would make good game music, and thats half the point of the AP, good work my freind.

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Anima-Theory responds:

Thanks for the review :D

Vote for love Vote for love

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That is Pretty Fucking Sweet

You guys are really talented, very nice work on the vocals and keys, it was all good though. Very melodic, only thing was that I thing is I whould adjust the levels a bit, more on the guitar. Either way kick ass cover, ROCK ON!

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Remastery: Darkest Infection Remastery: Darkest Infection

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Very very repetative, it's a loop so thats acceptiable, but it sounds like it was made with loops too. The vocals could use some work too, their bit shaky and a bit off key. I found the whole thing kinda bland to be honest. It's not bad I just not that great.

Bigger on the Inside Bigger on the Inside

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Thats chill

very relaxing indeed, I really the like the eachoy percusion that came in near the end it added alot. Every sounds so hollow elusive, it works really well though, gives the feeling of drifting through emptyness. I found it very calming. The one thing that I whould add is sound effects in the background to give it a more ambient feel. Still it came out very well. Good job.

Also I whould really appreciate if you reviewed my lastest submission another day (yeah I'm a whore) ty

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Anima-Theory responds:

Thanks for the review, and I shall check out your latest song :D