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Best metal of 2007

2008-03-01 16:03:25 by InsaneSmilie

Well after going through loads of playlists I finally maneged to compile a list of WUMLs best metal of 2007 (bast off both DJ charts and CMJ charts) Surprisingly our top album this year was Dethklok The Dethalbum, It was on our racks for 3 mouths before our directors decided it was too mainstream for our station. Honestly though, if a band tops the CMJ load rock charts 4 weeks in a row, and has their own TV show, they don't need our support, so that has been omitted from this list.

#1 - Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
A master piece, Dream Theater does it again, Dream Theater was the band who started the whole progressive metal movement back in the late 80's, yes they've been around that long. The most talented band probably ever, and this is their new album. Best songs include Prophets Of War, Forsaken, and Constant Motion. Dream Theater is number 1 on our top metal of 2007.

#2 - Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon
Just about the most epic album of the year, Iced Earth begins the something wicked saga originally introduced in their first album something wicked comes this way. The whole album is continues story about the Setians and their conflict with human kind. The story the story has many parallels to real history making it a chilling insightful story. Iced Earth has not lost their touch though this album still rocks out hard. Best track include Ten Thousand Strong, Setian Massacre, and Retribution Through The Ages.

#3 - Heaven and Hell - Live In Radio City
Heaven and Hell, Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi, need I say more. It's any metal heads dream band, sure it's old school but it still heavy and amazing. Recorded at their concert in radio city (that sold out in minutes mind, Sabbath Fans will love. Best Tracks include The Mob Rules, Neon Knights, and Children of the Sea.

#4 - Kamelot - Ghost Opera
Melodic hardcore goodness, Kahn will seduce your mind with his powerful enchanting vocals, topped off by Tohmas's sweeping arpagio and power choards on the guitar will give you physiological orgasm. Get ready to be blown away by this masterful montage of metal that breaks away form the traditional style. Best songs include The Human Stain, Ghost Opera, and Up Through The Ashes.

#5 - Ministry - The Last Sucker
Hate Bush, Love Ministry, One of the most hard core Industrial/Death metal in the country. Whats better than music about government conspiracies, best ministry album yet. Best Tracks include Death & Destruction, Let's Go, and Roadhouse Blues.

#6 - Megadeth - That One Night (live album)

#7 - Nightwish - Dark Passion Play

#8 - Down - III Over the Under

#9 - Symphony X - Paradise Lost

#10 - Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything

As for 2008 Lizzy Borden currently holds position 1 with Appointment with Death but the years just started so who knows what will come up. We are expecting the new In Flames album soon and Iced Earth will releasing another album this summer (we'll see if it can compete with Framing Armageddon)

To listen:
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Below a picture of Dream Theater's new album cover Systematic Chaos

Best metal of 2007


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2008-04-25 20:44:28

Oh man, i love Kamelot! Ghost Opera is awesome, along with Rule the World it's maybe my favorite metal ever. Nightwish and Megadeth are two favorites too.


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2013-04-21 13:38:36

I cannot believe I commented that three years ago. Dear god.